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John Willis johnw at mac.com
Fri Aug 28 23:05:48 UTC 2015

> On Aug 28, 2015, at 9:43 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> true for small shops, less so for huge buildings like supermarkets, department stores, production halls, storage warehouses, swimming pools, auditoriums, baseball stadions, high rise hotels, shopping malls, television towers, distribution centers, office towers, apartment houses, power plants, music halls, ...

Every one of those can appear as a "smaller" shop or amenity in a larger building in Tokyo. Supermarket in the basement, mall on the first 4 floors, hotel above that, and a restaurant on the top. Golf on roofs, giant TV towers 10 stories tall sprouting from apartment buildings, hotels with swimming pools on top, and tons of urban mixed buildings. Stadiums, performance halls, and radio towers have their own architecture, but all the others could be crammed together and connected in an endless variety of ways in larger buildings. There is a mall in Tokyo with a train station going through it, with a gigantic ferris wheel on top, with a roller coaster going through the center of the ferris wheel! It is a spaghetti madness there! 

It is true that yes, most of the supermarkets I know of and visit are dedicated buildings. But the architecture is a) very generic and common, and could be several other classes of stores, and b) I would like consistent shop tagging, so if i have to tag a supermarket as a stand-alone building, an anchor in a mall, or a point in a 30 story office building, it uses the same basic tag. 

Now, if i was tagging building type,

Name=big stand-alone supermarket
(Shop could be a big diy store, electronics, etc as a big-box as well)

Building=retail_warehouse (not a true warehouse nowadays) 
Shop=warehouse (existing?)
Name=warehouse club (Costco)

(Very very common in the US And Japan, I assume elsewhere)

Name=Mall Chain supermarket
(Could be a department store, a sports store, or other mall anchor)

Location=basement (not sure?)

The shop=* is always used to define the shop. That can be put in any situation on any building (a shop in a church, a stadium, or applied to any building type) and the building=lets me describe the building type. I think you have used an example where a church that is now a museum is tagged as building=church because the architecture is "church") - but the issue is that there is no such thing as supermarket architecture. But there are several well known classes of retail buildings that could be used to describe the building beyond "building=retail" - for example, Mall anchor is a famous retail building type,  and often times it is easy to map a mall anchor building, so it could get a specific render if we are able to tag that separately from the other tiny leased locations throughout the mall. Same with the shopping centre anchors. 

There are specialty building types - but retail is usually just squares of space, and often times the building itself is disconnected from the tenant. A department store became a clothing and bedshets store, turned into an electronics shop. 

A electronics shop turned into a gym. A bank into a Restaurant. A department store into a super market. 

Right next to my house in california.  And the architecture stayed the same. 

Shop=electonics store => gym

Shop=department > clothes>electronics

Shop=department  > supermarket 


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