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> > Gardiner is still highway=motorway
> If the construction doesn't impact the maxspeed, the lanes, the
alignment, nor the classification of the road - then its not really under
construction. If the road changes alignment for a long time (like routing
around construction) - follow the new alignment and mark the construction
area with a tag.
> Usually digging a giant trench down a primary road to build underground
access (like the Los Angeles subway did)  either closes the road or
drastically changes its classification. (The 2 dead-ends become
residential, as it is "for residents only" / "no through traffic".

The Gardiner is reduced to 2 lanes (was 3), the speed limit is lowered and
it is causing huge traffic jams.

Eglinton is still open, though there might be intermittent closures
sometimes, but the construction is causing a big mess (like narrowing from
4 to 2 lanes in random places, equipment blocking parts of the road, pylons
everywhere), various side streets are closed off at times, etc. This is to
build underground LRT, which is rather like subway except the eastern end
will run in the median of the road and it has 1/3 of the capacity of subway
(due to the bizarre municipal politics in Toronto).

Since OSM has no real time traffic data this is somewhat limited, but if I
am going from near Yonge and Eglinton to somewhere west of Toronto such as
Mississauga, invariably the router will tell me to go west on Eglinton then
north on Allen then west on 401. This is an awful route. It is better to go
north on Yonge or Avenue then west on 401 (though if the 401 is jammed
which it usually is then it is better to take Lawrence). A router ought to
avoid driving on roads tagged construction=yes, not sure how much it should
penalize them.
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