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>> Customer-only and non-gratis wifi are arguably not "public" but they are mapworthy. And the subtags to express these are internet_access:access and internet_access:fee (with the usual values of the access and fee tags).
> +1, it's still some kind of service IMHO mapworthy and particularly helpful for tourists 


In Japan, there is very very little "free wifi" for customers or tourists, especially compared to the US. only a few chains, like Starbucks, offer 'free' wifi to any guest. Most places offer carrier based offload wifi (get the data off the cell networks) that are not user selectable or configurable (it is all done automatically by the phone, and is not for guests). Most rural hotels still don't have any wifi. This is changing, (probably more so in Tokyo) but in non-tokyo places, "where is 'open' wifi?" is a big deal for visitors. 

Mapping which train stations have "visitor" wifi (for foreign tourists only), or which have truly selectable access=customer wifi is really really useful - more useful than it would be in the US, where access=customer wifi is so prevalent that it is almost expected at any cafe or hotel. 

I haven't been following this thread (so I might be mentioning something already discussed), but I would like to mention that operator or brand or network is very important. Some are cell service specific (Only Softbank network customers [access=private]), some are open if you are a wifi partner member (Fon [access=customers / fee=yes]), and some are open with a free account (starbucks [access=customers / fee=no]),  so letting people know what network operates them (if applicable) is useful. 

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