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> For example a indoor swimming hall with slides and wave
> generators, heated to a subtropical temperature, 

for generic water parks (place for water “play” rather than water “exercise / sports”, usually dominated with water based attractions), water park is best. no one is showing up to do laps in a wave pool, nor are they suited to surfing training. 

for places where it gets cold in the winter and/or landlocked (like my current hometown), they have a water park I have never seen in San Diego (which never has snow and has lots of beaches)

an indoor “beach” - this is the opposite of “indoor ski park” in really hot places. 

they use waste heat from trash incinerators (so it is adjacent to the garbage center) and heat water and have an indoor “beach” for people to visit. 

I am fine tagging it as a water park , but maybe a water park that is completely enclosed, heated, and open year round should have it’s own tag or sub-tag as “indoor beach” , but I have done no research on this. But it is just a wave pool, slides, and lazy river indoors, so maybe this is too specific of a tag. 

http://www.kiea.jp/CaribbeanBeach.html <http://www.kiea.jp/CaribbeanBeach.html>

it is currently tagged a bit wrong (by me) 

http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/36.39879/139.23788 <http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/36.39879/139.23788>

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