[Tagging] Access restrictions for shoulder lanes?

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 3 11:14:11 UTC 2015


Same as for "normal" vehicles, but ignoring the access tag and any
restrictions given by hgv, psv, bus, motor_vehicle etc according to what
type of emergency vehicle you are routing for. A police motorcycle is
not the same as a 10-wheel fire truck or a huge mobile crane on the
direction of the police. The vehicle either fits or it doesn't, and is
either allowed or it isn't. The first applies equally to emergency
vehicles, and the second is ignored by emergency vehicles[*1]. Emergency
vehicles also ignore oneway and turn restrictions. I don't see us
tagging oneway:emergency=no on millions of roads. 

Another scenario is a movable obstacle for which only emergency vehicles
have the "key", but that would be an attribute of the barrier
(bollard/gate or whatever) and not of the way. 

Of course this is dependent on the emergency vehicle being in an
emergency situation. I guess a cop ignoring traffic laws because he is
late for his tea has some explaining to do. 

[*1] They obviously need to respect e.g. maxwidth/maxheight/maxweight
applied for structural reasons (weak bridges etc), but not similar
restrictions applied for environmental/political reasons. How do we code
for that distinction? 

On 2015-02-03 11:54, Richard Welty wrote: 

> On 2/3/15 4:36 AM, Colin Smale wrote:
>> Then they are access=no (with foot=yes or whatever as appropriate) or barrier=boulder. The way is blocked both for emergency services and mere mortals. No need for access=emergency.
> then how do you create a routing engine for use by emergency vehicles?
> think it through, please, think it through.
> richard
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