[Tagging] Access restrictions for shoulder lanes?

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 3 12:54:32 UTC 2015


I don't understand that comment... I am not declaring anything - at
worst I am making an incorrect assumption to catalyse a bit of a debate
(which seems to be working)... 

How do we show the difference between legal and physical restrictions?
Looking at the wiki page for the access tag, its opening sentence is:
"ACCESS VALUES are used to describe the LEGAL access for highway [1]=*s
and other facilities..." 

Further down on the same page, the physical restrictions are discussed,
where you can find this sentence: "A number of statutary restrictions
based on height, width, weight etc can also be defined." 

Both of these address what is "allowed" and not what is physically
possible. Hence you are right - access applies to both obstructed and
unobstructed routes, and the characteristics of the obstruction itself
are a different subject. 

For a bridge with maxweight=2, we have no way of telling (from current
tagging) whether a 10-ton fire truck will cause the bridge to collapse,
or if the restriction is there for political reasons to keep heavy
trucks out of residential areas or country lanes. 

On 2015-02-03 13:23, Richard Welty wrote: 

> On 2/3/15 6:14 AM, Colin Smale wrote: 
>> Same as for "normal" vehicles, but ignoring the access tag and any restrictions
> but you've declared that access=no applies both to obstructed
> routes (bollards, guardrails, etc) and unobstructed routes.
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[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:highway
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