[Tagging] Tram tracks running in a road

James Mast rickmastfan67 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 7 03:02:24 UTC 2015

Here's how we have done this in the Pittsburgh, PA area where the 'light rail' line shares the pavement with the normal road lanes.  They normally only use this line during the rush hours unless they have 
to close the tunnel @ Station Square and divert the light rail traffic 
along this route.


And here's a link to what it looks like on the ground level via Google StreetView since I don't have any pictures of it since I normally don't go on that road when I'm in that area of Pittsburgh unless the Liberty Tubes are closed and they are forcing traffic this way (which is very rare).

Anyways, this is our only example of 'active' tracks in the road here.  However, there is still a segment of road on the North Side of Pittsburgh that still has the old streetcar tracks from when that line was decommissioned in the 1980's still embedded in it, and is a brick road to boot.  I don't think we have any other examples like that, but I haven't tried to do any research on all the old streetcar routes from before I was born here in Pittsburgh.

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