[Tagging] Wiki on amenity=waste_disposal Rewrite?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 02:54:55 UTC 2015

On 8/02/2015 1:18 PM, Dave Swarthout wrote:
> Actually, I was not referring to a new top level tag of waste=* but to 
> amenity=dump_point. I quoted from the previous post but that was very 
> misleading.
> I wanted to avoid the proliferation of waste types that must be 
> associated with a new tag of waste=*
> By more carefully defining only one tag, (dump_point, dump_station), a 
> tag that's already is use,

dump_point - does not exist on the OSM wiki - so undocumented.

dump_station - abandoned .. not in use in OSM? 

I looked on taginfo  for point ... 11  pages
found amongst others of less interest here
<https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/watsan%3Apee_point> - 
undocumented.. 22 instances possibly a pissoir?

only ONE dump_point in use.. in north west Tasmania .. hardly a well 
used key?
No dump_stations.

> we could simply stop there. If, OTH, we create a totally new tag of 
> amenity=waste we're faced with getting all the follow on tags 
> approved. Fir example, waste=sharps? I think I know what that is, but 
> do we really need this fine granularity? Do we really want to have a 
> long discussion about that tag?
> It's no biggie to me either way but simple is always better IMO.

The dump_point/station may solve one issue ..what about the rest? 
Putting band aids on all over the place does not appeal .. rather go for 
a good solution for all the problems?

But if we don't ask why not a higher level tag then 'we'll' never know. 
So.. ask? It would make things clearer and separate it out from the 
past. 'Sharps' comes out of what has already been listed on the various 
wiki pages .. I'm simply putting them here to cover the stuff already 
mentioned in the past. As for facing 'us' the replacement .. well it is 
an OSM problem .. not yours nor mine as individuals. 'We' can help.. but 
it is upto the OSM community as a whole.

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