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On 9/02/2015 10:50 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>     Keep in mind it's only a model to represent reality. A model which
>     uses lines for what in reality are areas, so whatever we do, it
>     will never be a perfect fit.
> +1, why not draw area:highway=* for the road areas to model that the 
> trams run on the road and not separately?

Few thing would be true lines i.e. zero width. Things like boundaries 
would be true lines (country/state/administrative). Most cliff lines 
will have some 'widt' as they won't be perfectly vertical. Roads and 
train line have a definite width, and that width can be represented by 
the lanes= or track gauge entries. It is not unusual to have a sinle 
drawing line represent something eles in reality e.g. single line 
electrical drawing have a single line represent a number of wires, this 
easies the drawing and makes the resulting 'map' easier to read. I see 
little advantage to making highways areas for the work input involved 

Upto the mapper on the spot. But remen]ber that the data input may not 
get to the output - the render may not use it.

> cheers,
> Martin
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