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Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 22:14:12 UTC 2015

On 12/02/2015 9:43 PM, Bryce Nesbitt wrote:
> > Why is a node needed? Here some samples..
> Do you have any examples where a specific temperature is measurable?
> Do you imagine these tags getting used for buildings like motel rooms, 
> huts and caves: and if so what's the suggested tagging scheme for the 
> typical cases?
> ----------------------
> Often found in *amenity=drinking_water* taps with*bottle=yes* is the 
> ability to heat the water anywhere from "ambient" to boiling.
> How is that addressed by the proposal?
> *temperature=adjustable*
> Alone does not capture it, as the typical adjustable range won't 
> include boiling.  Perhaps:
> *temperature:range=ambient-boiling*

Too much detail? How would it be rendered. I think therr is little point 
in adding information that no one would ever use.

Additional tags such as temperature:range can be proposed and discussed 
after the temperature= tag is passed or rejected.. no point in 
discussing them if temperature= tag is rejected.
> ----------------------
> The wiki suggests testing, e.g. by "throwing water at the object" to 
> determine the temperature.  Should that have a survey_date:

as in the source= tag? There are many additional tags that could apply 
to a single node with a temperature tag ... e.g.


stating them all ? Why? I'd think that confuses the merit or otherwise 
of the temperature tag.

> *natural=rock*
> *temperature=hot*
> *temperature:**survey_date=20150101*
> *temperature:**survey_date:comment=Threw water on the rocks here, and 
> it boiled away within seconds.*
> *note=Geothermal area*

I'd do source:temperature=   not temperature:survey_date:comment=Threw 
water on the rocks here, and it boiled away within seconds. Again .. 
adds nothing to the discussion on the temperature= tag.

Cannot dates be had from the history?
> See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:check_date
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