[Tagging] route=running

Andreas Labres list at lab.at
Sat Feb 14 02:51:27 UTC 2015

On 13.02.15 14:04, Bryce Nesbitt wrote:
> Is there a seasonal difference in the routes?

Absolutely. This has nothing to do with each other. Of course, a cross-country
skiing track is lead along what is a forestry track in summer or so. But that's
what a route relation is good for. But the signposts for the winter track are
built up in winter only (often). The route may not exist in summer. Or it might
be part of a say nordic walking track in summer, but the complete route is

Those always should be sperated. Keep in mind, I'm talking about the route. One
track/path can of course be part of more than one route (summer or winter). But
again, that's what different route relations are good for.

> Then there could be "summer only" routes similarly restricted with access tags:
> foot=yes, running=designated, motor_vehicle=no, bicycle=no

Interesting idea, but as I already tried to point out, there are routes for
running only, there are routes for nordic walking only (they sometimes share
parts of the routes, though). A completely different thing is (mountain) hiking.
And a cycling route is completely different from a mountain bike route.

Different selection of the route (of course), different numbering, different
numbering scheme. Those should always be kept seperate, IMHO.


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