[Tagging] maxwidth vs. maxwidth:physical vs. width

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In the UK frequent use is made of "legal" weight and width limits, often
to keep heavy traffic out of residential areas or away from country
lanes. In this case the road sign usually has a qualifier "except for
access." An emergency vehicle can ignore these legal limits of course,
but they would be ill-advised to ignore physical limits. So a clear
definition and consistent usage is definitely a good idea. 

On 2015-02-16 10:58, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote: 

> 2015-02-16 10:42 GMT+01:00 Martin Vonwald <imagic.osm at gmail.com>:
>> Hi!
>> I just stumbled upon the wiki article regarding maxwidth:physical. From reading it - and the articles about maxwidth and width - I don't really understand when to use each key.
>> My understanding so far: * width: this is the actual width of a feature
> +1
>> * maxwidth: this is a legal limitation; nothing wider than the given value may use the feature
> +1, there is also the synonym "maxwidth:legal" (IMHO not advisable, as this is the same than the more used "maxwidth") 
>> * maxwidth:physical: according to the wiki page: a physical limit
> IIRR there were users of latin american countries telling that their bridges sometimes had 2 height informations signposted: maxheight and maxheight:physical and that this was the reason for the introduction of maxheight:physical (I assume that maxwidth is working just the same).
>> The width of a feature in my understanding is a physical limit.
> -1, the "width" is one dimension of a feature (depending on the kind of thing you are describing, there are other dimensions like height, length, diameter, depth, etc.), I wouldn't call this (in all cases) a "limit" 
>> So when should maxwidth:physical be used? One example I can think of might be a way with varying width, i.e. it is not possible to specify "width" and maxwidth:physical should be used to specify the minimum width along the way. Another one might be the maximum width of a vehicle, that may pass a barrier (this is indicated in the first sentence of the article).
> if there was something tagged like (example made up): 
> barrier=bollard 
> width=0.2m 
> maxwidth=1.2m
> I'd expect the width to be the width of the bollard and maxwidth the (in theory "legal") width of the vehicle that can pass through (e.g. number taken by reading off a sign) and you might want to add maxwidth:physical=1.22m (the actual maximum width of a vehicle or person that can pass through). 
> cheers, 
> Martin 
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