[Tagging] Bus route relations. Forward/backward tag

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 16 12:03:57 UTC 2015

There are still cases where forward/backward are useful with P2-routes.
E.g. a route with a loop and some members used twice but different

Personally, I still use forward/backward on any member of a route which
is only used in one direction and for all P2-routes as it makes it much
easier to get the direction of the route with incomplete data.

cu fly

Am 16.02.2015 um 08:40 schrieb Jo:
> On the one hand I'm not adding roles to the ways in PT routes relations
> anymore, instead I add all the ways in the correct order. Some ways are
> included twice.
> But if you prefer to add them, you have to know forward/backward relates to
> the direction of the way itself. If it follows the arrow: forward, if it
> goes against it: backward. If you do it right, JOSM is able to sort your
> ways automatically.
> If you're still on the v1 scheme, where there is only one route relations
> doing a futile attempt to describe all variations, I suggest you switch to
> the new scheme where a route_master describes the line and route relations
> describe each variation from beginning to end.
> This is how we do it in Belgium:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Polyglot/diary/28401
> There are some links to Youtube videos included in that article.
> 2015-02-16 5:52 GMT+01:00 Hans De Kryger <hans.dekryger13 at gmail.com>:
>> Me and a fellow mapper are adding bus routes to are city and are confused
>> about
>> ​ the Forward/backward tag you use on relations. I think I'm using it
>> right yet every time i check ​ÖPNVKarte, it shows the route going the
>> opposite way in which i intended. Just looking for any help i can get. I'm
>> quite confused on the usage of the tag especially the use of it on a two
>> way street. Which way is forward and which way is backward. Thanks in
>> advance.
>> ÖPNVKarte
>> ​ - (​
>> http://xn--pnvkarte-m4a.de/

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