[Tagging] Deprecating aerialway=goods

Andreas Labres list at lab.at
Thu Feb 19 12:12:22 UTC 2015


Those "Materialseilbahnen" (ropeways for goods) are typical in the Alps to
supply alpine huts (where everybody can get something to eat and stay overnight)
with everything that is needed. The only alternative there is a helicopter flight...

On 19.02.15 12:24, Richard Z. wrote:
> try harder to find an english word for the special aerialway in the picture
> becuase mappers all over the world have been using this improperly to map
> large mining and industrial aerialways.

I'd disagree that this is improper use. They are also "Materialseilbahnen"
(ropeways for goods). There is no cabin for passengers but a loading platform or
kind of hanging lorry. The principle is the same as with (hanging) cable cars
with a track rope and a drag rope, but the technolgy is much, much simpler, as
there is no passengers in potential danger.

Just keep them apart, aerialway=cable_car is a ropeway for passengers,
aerialway=goods is a ropeway for goods. Rendering should be a little "lighter"
for a goods ropeway.


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