[Tagging] Super-keys are evil

Kurt Blunt k.blunt at inbox.com
Thu Feb 26 00:37:17 UTC 2015

> Matter in a nutshell: Certainly the way we use these "super tags" has a
> lot of historical baggage but I don't think it is a stupid idea per se,
> *especially* if your goal is (like you're claiming yours to be) making
> tags easy for mappers.

I apologize for writing like a troll. I should have been more respectful of the work that's gone into designing the current tagging system. The real world is messy, so any tagging system will have pros and cons. It's easy for me as an outsider to come here and criticize past decisions, but it's not productive. To everyone who has contributed to it over the years, I say thank you for helping to create a free world map.

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