[Tagging] tagging very wide steps - highway=steps on an area?

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Fri Feb 27 09:29:38 UTC 2015

On 27/02/2015 7:39 PM, dkiselev at osm.me wrote:
> Hi johnw.
> I think
> highway=steps on way for routing
> + area:highway=steps on a polygon would be the best.

Good .. the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Town Hall all have wide area 
steps ... they have tagged ways ... I'll have to check areas.
There is a width key somewhere .. I've used it on footpaths ... but I 
think some of these steps are so wide they need to be an area not just a 

> 27.02.2015, 13:23, "johnw" <johnw at mac.com>:
>>   I read the wiki entry on steps (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dsteps) and the discussion page,
>> and besides the discussion on which direction means uphill (that really needs to be decided), I had another big question -
>> can I use steps to define an area, just like highway=pedestrian?
>> There are sets of steps that are a very large and wide, sometimes as wide as a building, but there is no way to tag their expanse properly.
>> I am currently (micro?)mapping a large rose garden, and every single area - the pedestrian walkways, the grass, the hedges, pools - everything that isn’t a wall can be expressed as an area - except for the wide stairs connecting the large pedestrian areas.
>> Is it acceptable to tag stairs on an area, or is it only acceptable on a way? is there a possibility of putting a way under the area to define the direction of the steps, or would that mean making some kind of relation to make it happen (which I know little about)?
>> and we will ever have an implied direction on stairs? (up sounds fine to me).

On an architectural drawing, a stairway arrow points upwards.

As specified in international /standard ISO/ 6790 .. and copied in 
British Standards B.S. 1192 ... Australian/New Zealand Standards ANZS 
1100... and probably in American Standards ..

Google "ISO drawing standard stairway arrow"  The above standards 
numbers come from the google search .. it may just be the primary number 
.. with further sections that would need to be looked up for the 
extended number for the precise stairway up arrow specification.

OSM should follow established standards when available.

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