[Tagging] Deprecation of associatedStreet-relations

Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Thu Jan 22 11:07:00 UTC 2015


Am 22. Januar 2015 11:45:47 MEZ, schrieb althio althio <althio.forum at gmail.com>:
> > Please vote here:
> > https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Relation:associatedStreet
> Is this a formal voting?

It is not as formal as a proposal voting. I would like to know how the community (those who vote) think about associatedStreet relations. I think that in Germany the majority does not like them (anymore).

> Is there a date for start and end vote?

No, there is no end date at the moment. Start date was yesterday. I will announce a end date. This end date will be date of announcement of end of voting + 14 days.

> It looks strange, hidden on a Talk:page without the usual template or
> RFC or call for votes on the international mailing lists.

German forum and talk-de have been notified by myself. You may notify your local community if it will not read the next issue(s) of weeklyOSM.

Best regards

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