[Tagging] service=rural (Was Rural Alley?)

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 23:07:19 UTC 2015

On 11/07/2015 10:43 PM, John Willis wrote:
> I want to make a new definition for the the service=subkey to better 
> define highway=service when used to map the the odd public, 
> maintained, paved, yet extremely narrow, meandering, and often 
> parallel or inconvenient nature of a lot of rural roads in Asia that 
> are used to access sections of farming lands, river embankments, and 
> other roads that run parallel to major/minor roads to allow access to 
> tracks, footpaths, occasional service buildings, and paths, similar to 
> a Alley in an urban setting, which is also a variant of highway=service.
> I look forward to more feedback before drawing up a wiki page, but you 
> can see my reasoning and 2 good examples below. This is something not 
> covered well by track+grade1 IMO and below unclassified IMO.

What you are trying to map is a landuse rather than the highways service?

Would not an urban area have landuse=residential?
And that would indicate not rual - the inverse of what you want to tag?
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