[Tagging] Multiple values with semicolons (was: Voting - Blood donation 2)

Ruben Maes ruben.maes96 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 08:32:46 UTC 2015

Fkv voted no on Blood donation 2 because he believes the
donation:compensation:* keys will cause inconsistencies, e.g.
donation:compensation=no together with
donation:compensation:payment=yes. I can see his point though I don't
think it would happen often.

He proposes to use a semicolon-separated list, e.g.
We both know this is controversial, but why in fact?[1] It is supposed
to be hard to interpret for data consumers, but can't they just as
easily make a list with booleans of all the values that are present in
the tag?

1: donation:compensation=yes    donation:compensation:payment=yes
2: donation:compensation=payment;vouchers
-> "compensation": true, { "payment": true, "vouchers": true }
    (possible result in the memory of a parser)

1: donation:compensation=yes    donation:compensation:vouchers=yes
2: donation:compensation=vouchers
-> "compensation": true, { "payment": false, "vouchers": true }

1+2: donation:compensation=no
-> "compensation": false, { "payment": false, "vouchers": false }

Is there perhaps a significant performance drawback to having to parse
semicolon lists or what am I missing?

[1] wiki.osm.org/wiki/Semi-colon_value_separator explains you should
use the namespaced approach, but not why

2015-07-12 20:12 GMT+02:00 Ruben Maes <ruben.maes96 at gmail.com>:
> Voting is now open on the modified proposal:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Blood_donation_2

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