[Tagging] Telecoms Tagging

Tim Waters chippy2005 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 15:06:58 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

I'm working on a project to map telecommunication features with the
aim to better understand what "The Internet" means geographically and

I have started collating a number of the various telecoms features to

The categories of these features on that wiki page are:

Street Furniture
Antennas / Masts / Towers
Telephone Exchanges
Internet / Telecoms Buildings

And within the categories include well known and mapped features such
as street cabinets (I've enjoyed the previous detailed discussion of
this feature in particular!), submarine cables and data centres. There
should be links to the main wiki pages discussing these tags there.

It appears that the tagging of various telecom features has a fair few
different tags in use. e.g. telecom=* and *=telecommunication and
communication= and *=telecoms, telecommunications, telephone etc.

I was reasonably surprised that, compared with other categories of
features there hasn't been much discussion about these features as a
whole and I think that could be a good thing!

It's positive that some of these features have not been mapped as much
as they occur outside as that give us some flexibility to look at how
they should be tagged, and guide future mappers on how they might be
better mapped... or am I being too optimistic? :-)

I've populated the wikipage with taginfo counts of the various usages
including some of the rarest ones that I have found. It doesn't really
give that much useful information just yet...what should we add to
make it better?

Please feel free to dive in and edit and rearrange the wikiproject
page, I'm certainly not a wiki expert.

Are there more features we should add to this Wiki Project page?

Should I add to the page the most common way they have been tagged,
or, if discussion here is fruitful, the "best" way, or have
recommendations for some common standard tags?

Should we seek to standardise tags across the most common telecoms features?

I was looking at the Power project and discussions, should discussion
of features occur within a telecoms frame of reference, or does it
basically depend on the number and types of users mapping them?

Once the features are adequately documented, I seek to produce a JOSM
and iD preset file for these features and will be producing
transparent tilesets and data exports showing them within a dedicated
website. I'll let you know once these two things have happened!



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