[Tagging] bridge AND embankment

Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 20:16:29 UTC 2015

By chance I have detected that amny mappers use this combination on
ways con bridge=*

To see an example search in Northern Italy: http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/axW

When I saw the first example I thought of an accidental mapping error, but
the Overpass Turbo revealed that this a widespread practice:
400+ in Italy
200+ in GB
600 in Germany
250 in France
100 in Spaign
170 in Scandinavia and Baltic countries
130 in the USA

In my opinion these are (nearly) all mapping errors. A highway (or railway)
can only be either on a bridge or on an embankment, but not on both at the
same point. Where the highway is on an embankment and crosses a waterway,
in most of the cases the waterway needs taging with tunnel=yes|culvert and

The size of the problem can be seen from the above numbers.

Even if we agree that in most of the cases we are dealing with tagging
errors, it cannot be excluded that in some cases the mapping may be
correct. Which means manual correction with inspection of aerial photos. No
way that this can easily be done.

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