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Well, there a ways that are “designated” for specific road users but are not marked explicitly and must be recognized through their design.

For example sidewalks. They are designated for pedestrians and could tag – ignoring the tag it as a sub key discussion – as highway=footway (implying foot=designated).

Same for cycle ways, at least in Germany as you might know (Pictures 1 and 2). 

So requiring a way to be marked is too strong for that definition.




Picture 1 : http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:RadwegOhneBenutzungspflicht.jpg

Picture 2 : http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:GetrennterRadUndGehweg.jpeg


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I agree with Volker.  To me designated meant “what it is says on the roadside signage”.  Usually seen where there are unique or special circumstances restricting access.





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On 24/07/2015 9:30 PM, Hubert wrote:


during a discussion within the german forum [1], I have been pointed to the description box of the “access=designated” wikipage [2].

It reads “A way marked for a particular use.”.

I would like to change it to “A way designated for a particular use” or “A way intended for a particular use.”. Probably the latter one.

The reason is, that the word “marked” implies that a way is ,well, marked with a traffic sign or by road paintings, which is not necessarily true. 

Also the topic ”general use case” is not that strictly formulated as the “description” box and allows the use of “designated” in a much wider range of cases.

Are there any objections against me change that word?


For me, Yes. 

If it is not marked .. than how do you (or anyone) know that it is 'designated'? 

Ummm 'marked' could mean it is 'marked' on some plan or other rather than 'marked' by a traffic sign or by road painting ... but I'd think if it is not marked locally then the 'designation' will be ineffective. 
OSM is supposed to reflect what is 'on the ground' so marked is appropriate. Particularly by a traffic sign or by road painting.

Happy to be persuaded otherwise... 
Could you provide a link to the German discussion? That may help. 

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