[Tagging] Disputed area

Eric SIBERT courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Sat Jul 25 23:02:24 UTC 2015

I did some try.

* Mont-Blanc area claimed by France and Italy but occupied by nobody.
I have split the boundary into two branches (an awful job considering 
the number of administrative relations involved).

I defined an area with:
dispute:claim:FR=yes (area claim by France)
dispute:claim:IT=yes (area claim by l'Italie)
dispute:recognized:FR=yes (dispute is recognized as such by French 
dispute:recognized:IT=yes (dispute is recognized as such by Italian 

I added the area both to relations France and Italia (admin_level=2) 
with role dispute:recognized (each government recognize that there is an 
area within his border that is subject to dispute).

* Juan de Nova island. French island. Claim by Madagascar. French 
government don't really recognize that there is a conflict (I think this 
is the most common case of disputed area).

I added to the island perimeter which is already the French boundary:

Added to Madagascar relation with dispute:claim role.
Not added to France relation because French government don't acknowledge 
the dispute.

* Tromelin Island. French island. Claimed by Mauritius. French 
government accepted to share fishing right with Mauritius that I 
consider as an acknowledgment of the dispute.

I added to the island perimeter which is already the French boundary:

Added to Mauritius relation with dispute:claim role.
Added to France relation with dispute:recognized role.

I see several drawbacks.
- looking at the disputed territories proposal 
I would say that my use of recognized is not well suited. Recognized 
would be better fits for foreign governments or international 
organizations (like UN) that recognized the 'de facto' situation. May be 
dispute:acknowledge:CC=* would be best suited to indicate that a 
government recognize that there is a dispute.
- there are several redundancies.
If country AA claims an area out of his 'de facto' boundaries, it is 
both marked as dispute:recognized:AA=yes and added to AA relation with 
dispute:claim role.
If country BB recognize that there is a disputed area within his 'de 
facto' boundaries it is both marked as dispute:recognized:BB=yes and 
added to BB relation with dispute:recognized role.

Indeed, all roles dispute:claim are supposed outside the country 
boundaries and all roles dispute:recognized are supposed inside the 
country boundaries. May be one role should be enough for both.

Or no role/inclusion in relation at all.

What are all the disputed areas within CC and recognized as such by CC 
government? Request all disputed_area=yes within CC relation and with 

Last question : how to indicate that an area want its independence?


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