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uto, 28. srp 2015. 11:53 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> je

 from what you have written it seems to me that these are tagging errors:
if a road "works as primary" it should get the primary tag in osm.

Country specific deviations that result from following different criteria
(like road maintenance class / entity, or physical criteria, etc.) should
be "repaired" (map those properties differently and not in the highway tag)
and the highway tag should be used like it is elsewhere.

OSM is a global dataset and following everywhere the same criteria to
determine the highway tag is important for a smooth usage of the data
across borders.


+1 I agree with everything.

The 1:1 relation between various countries official road clasification and
OSM is not something we should want. We should be flexible. In Croatia we
have people that break roads in several places and then you have
secondary/unclassified/secondary just because the road crossed city


There's just no sense to keep up with that.

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