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A preset is never going to help for cases where the store is a mix of

The bakery in my hometown also sells cheese and some deli products. Does it
become a deli then ?
It sells chocolate eggs during the easter period, and chocolate and
marzipan figures around Sinterklaas. Is it now a confectionary ?
It sells pies all year, but mainly during the weekends.
For Christmas and New Year eve they even serve (almost) complete dinners.

It's still a bakery... but some people might be tempted to map it in a
different way.

Do I want to map all of those period dependent items ? Do I want to map all
the type of specialty breads that they sell (or not) ?

What I try to say is that we sometimes have to simplify things and make
choices in our mapping. I don't think OSM will be the only source on which
people will base themselves before going to a place. Maybe we will always
be the last one, i.e. people will look for a place elsewhere, the web, apps
such as Yelp and just use OSM for navigation, buy looking up the name.
That's fine for me.



On Sun, May 31, 2015 at 10:28 PM, Daniel Koć <daniel at koć.pl> wrote:

> W dniu 31.05.2015 20:07, Marc Gemis napisał(a):
>  I think good presets in the editors are much more important than any
>> proposal to move something from one top level tag to another. Only in
>> case there is a problem to extend the schema (e.g. drinking water and
>> water), it is worthwhile to discuss a change.
> +1 - of course, for everyday mapping I use presets and I love them!
> But lack of a clear system is also common, everyday fact of life for me
> too. Many things are not-that-typical, similar-but-not-really-the-same (for
> example in my city many people had a problem to recognize such a simple
> thing as what is supermarket, mall or department store!) or simply
> not-in-presets. One has to choose blindly between "railway halt" and
> "railway station", because no safe, more general type is available - nor
> easy to create (like "railway + stop place") or whether some POI is shop or
> rather craft, just because there are "compulsive" "top-level" tags (while
> it's less important than the subject itself).
> I would like to have common presets system synchronized between editors,
> Wiki pages and default rendering somehow, at least. But that would be still
> just a quick fix for today, while I think we'll grow outside the western
> countries (big scale problem) and deeper into micromapping (small scale
> problem) in a few years and we're not really prepared for it.
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