[Tagging] RFD tag:shop=camera?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 00:23:53 UTC 2015

On 4/06/2015 9:59 AM, John Willis wrote:
> What about a fixtures store?
> Toto (the maker of those famous Japanese toilets) has a huge number of 
> chain stores that sell just bathroom and kitchen fixtures. They don't 
> sell anything other than toilets, tubs, and sinks there. Its not a 
> home store, nor a DIY store, nor a plumbing store (no pipes or 
> whatnot) - they just sell fixtures and their installation.
> Can i create a "home store" category and have a "fixtures" subcategory?

I recall several city blocks made up of such stores .. in Athens, Greece.

> What happens when I have a wooden goods store (sells all those goods, 
> including giant wooden bathtubs) and Also is a toto fixtures dealer?
> I want to tag them as a wooden goods shop and a fixtures shop. Its not 
> very common of a shop - ive only seen one (like Pogs & Ammo), so how 
> do i tag a store which is a combination of both? That is a fundamental 
> problem with shop tagging in OSM that was easily solved by google by 
> letting you put as many tags/ categories on a shop as the mapper deems 
> it belongs to.

shop=wooden_goods; bathroom-fixtures ?
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