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> The oneway=yes, oneway=no conundrum...... put yourself in the position
> where you are looking at a road ahead of you. It is only wide enough for
> one vehicle but has passing bays along it's length. It is not wide enough
> to be a conventional twoway road so can it be tagged twoway? That would
> give the impression that cars can progress along it in opposite directions
> at the same time....that would be incorrect. But neither direction has the
> right of way and it is up to driver discretion and politeness as to who
> will reverse back to the passing bay. So oneway=no but twoway is not
> necessary yes.
> As is the case of a narrow bridge where traffic from one side has to give
> way to traffic from the other side because the bridge is only wide enough
> for one vehicle so is it a single lane twoway or single lane oneway=no. You
> cannot indicate that cars can go in both directions at the same time so it
> is a oneway in both directions. So oneway=no would indicate that adequately
> I know.. it sounded confusing when I was trying to write it so if it
> sounds weird it probably is... but it does exist. Just how to tag it
> without using oneway=no

Breaking into new ground there. I don't know OSM's position on this issue -
how about twoway=no* and* oneway=no ? showing the road is not one way only
but does not permit two way traffic flow at the same time ?

I think lane=1 and no mention of oneway is preferred. I can't go far
without using such roads. OSM likes to rate them as trunk roads and I think
this sucks really badly - as for one thing, it gives no clues to how bad
the road is.

There are places where sidewalks are non-existent so you get two-way roads
with lanes=2 shared use of pedestrians and 44T trucks. It's why jaywalking
is not an offence in the UK. Few roads are prohibited to pedestrians. If
The Queen was driving along a narrow road and a pedestrian chose to walk
down the middle of the road so the Queen couldn't pass, there's no traffic
legislation to move the ped out of the way. Not even sure if there's any
legislation to deal with this - as long as the ped makes reasonable

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