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> Consider these to be forthcoming drafts ... better than what was there.
> If the past mappers find and disagree .. good. I'll try to contact them
> latter .. and some of the other 'model' values too (model_train
> model_railway etc) though there are fewer of them again. This way they will
> have something to look at and consider.
Model agency. i.e. beware 'model' !

Not sure if there needs to be an identifier for models:complete and
models:kits ???

Full scale models ? - 'kit cars'

'dolls house'
'road vehicles'
'plant and machinery' (excavators, farm tractors)
'landscapes' (as used to create train layouts)
'radio controlled (RC) models'
'aircraft' (helicopters, drones)
'fictional' (e.g. from films or TV - Star wars, Dr Who)
'educational' (e.g biological: head, ear, eye, skeleton, mech: internal
combustion engine, nuclear reactor, chemical atomic structure)

'static model' (possibly dismantles but has no moving parts)
'working model' (has moving parts to show how it works)
'real model' (works pretty much as a 'real' one does - e.g. dolls house TV
shows currently broadcast live TV or farm tractor will pull tipping trailer
and tip using hydraulics) [lifelike model, complete model - although
neither convey the REALity.]

Just some model thoughts !

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