[Tagging] Localities (was: Re: RFD tag:shop=camera?)

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Sat Jun 6 10:12:27 UTC 2015

W dniu 06.06.2015 3:56, Warin napisał(a):

>  I have absolutely no objection to locals using their own language
> names for things but having different icons is surely not a benefit ?
>  It is to the locals.
>  e.g. They may not see 'fast food' as a hamburger!

This is a much bigger issu than just icons. Tagging should be involved 
if we really look at the problem.

In Poland we could not only see some food amenities different than fast 
food or restaurants, they are also called in a different way. Many 
eating places are called "bar", unlike the "drinking bar" as we use this 
name in OSM (and some of them are commonly known subtype "bar mleczny" 
-> "milky bar"). They are rather cheaper kind of restaurant and you 
won't see any typical fast-food menu like a hamburger there. But we also 
have also typical fast food places (like burgers or kebab), so it would 
be sane to tag them different and maybe show in a different way.

I guess there's much more subtle localities like this - for example we 
were discussing bakery/confectionery/pastry/swets/candy issue lately. 
That's one of the reason I would like more flexible categories, so we 
can easily add new sub-types and treat them as one class when needed - 
instead of pushing everything into just a few kind of objects just to 
have a standard.

However the icon thing is also not that easy. They are highly symbolic 
and can differ from one map style to another, and they are even harder 
to properly reflect generalities than categories system (like that used 
in Wikipedia), because it has to be just one sign.

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