[Tagging] OSM is a right mess (was: Craigslist OpenStreetMap Rendering Issue)

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On 5 June 2015 at 10:33, David Fisher <djfisher81 at gmail.com> wrote:

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> wrote:
> >
> > The issue with the 'oneway' key is that the key itself contains 'data'
> > relating to the value. Oneway without a value would imply =yes whereas
> > building without a value (or =yes) would give data independent of the
> value,
> >
> > building=
> >
> > hospital=
> >
> > The latter describes the building without the need for a value.
> >
> > I note your TIAL v CE above. Why do we need to know what the landuse is
> in
> > any case ?
> >
> I do see what you mean.  I think the difference is that "building = x"
> in some sense defines the presence of the object, as does "highway =
> x" on a way.  So, if "building = x" is not set (presumably on a
> "circular" way), or if "highway = x" is not set (presumably on a
> "linear" way), then those ways are just collections of nodes, nothing
> more.  But "oneway = x" defines a *characteristic* of a way.  A way
> must fundamentally *be* something (e.g. a building or a highway), but
> it may nor may not have any number of characteristics which don't
> alter that fundamental *being*.  The only sensible way to deal with
> *characteristics* (other than insisting that every way has hundreds of
> tags) is to assume defaults.

The problem with oneway is the key name - it's 3 letters too long:

way=2 - maybe ways=1, ways=2.

> As for "landuse=residential" -- I agree that we could probably do
> without it.  But it does add to the readability of the map, especially
> at low zoom levels, as it enables you to see at a glance where places
> are and how big they are.

Again, the issue is the letters in the tag. landuse=place or
landuse=settlement - landuse=town rather than landuse=residential,
place=town - combine the two.

> Personally I'm an advocate of covering the
> majority of the map (not necessarily 100%) with some form of landuse
> area, e.g. residential, industrial, grass/meadow/parkland, farmland,
> etc. -- though I appreciate that not everyone shares that view.
Anyone that doesn't share that view should be nowhere near OSM ! Sounds
like a military cover-up to me ;)

I do feel the default map not covered should be black though - to make the
unmapped areas stand out :)

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