[Tagging] Node objects in tunnels or on bridges?

Dominik George nik at naturalnet.de
Mon Jun 8 11:57:52 UTC 2015

>>> quite often there are node-type objects on bridges or in tunnels.
>>> What to do with them? Tunnel or bridge tags are dfined only for
>>> ways.
>> please be a bit more specific on what you mean. Do you mean…
>>  a) … a node on a way that is tagged as tunnel or bridge, or
>>  b) … a node that is itself tagged tunnel or bridge?
>> Maybe link to an example on the map ☺.
> I believe b) would be the correct alternative. E.g., 
> amenity=waste_basket, man_made?surveillance, highway=street_lamp or some 
> such object that is on the bridge/tunnel rather than below it/on ground.

Ah. You think the OP is talking about *real-world* objects and how to
tag them. I was thinking they are talking about bugs in the map ;).

(I don't tend to classify real-world objects as node-type when talking
about them ;).)

In that case, I believe the layer=* tag should be used instead, giving
the object the same layer as the tunnel or bridge.


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