[Tagging] access=student and entrance=inter-building: comments?

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Mon Jun 8 12:06:19 UTC 2015

> On Jun 8, 2015, at 8:05 PM, Dominik George <nik at naturalnet.de> wrote:
> Hi,
>> I guess I need a solution for the path access too - because
>> access=private also seems an incorrect label - or would both be
>> covered by access=inder-building ?
> just out of curiosity, what would happen if you *did* use it as an
> entrance *before* using the main entrance?

Well, if it is an accident, the students would point at the other entrance, and you'd immediately start bowing and backing up and repeating how sorry you were, then go in the other door(s).

If it were on purpose (aka - I don't need to go through the marked entrance and go through shoe ceremony), and you were a visitor or guest there, it would be as rude as umm... peeing in the kitchen sink at a house you're visiting, while the owner looks on disapprovingly - to some, it would be like pooping in the floor like an animal. 

As soon as you go in through the main entrance - where the ritual of removing your "outside shoes" is performed, and the visitor steps up onto the raised floor signifying the "inside" - then it's business as normal for as long as you are "inside" - you can go anywhere considered "inside" - along these inter-building pathways to go to any other building. Most Japanese people have a pair of "inside shoes" they use for when they go to visit a place (lets say for a school event or an event at a sports hall), and expect slippers to be provided at some places or situations, like the dentist, chiropractor, or stopping by to visit a teacher at school.  My feet are big (30cm) - so no slipper fits me, so I walk around in my socks, which is probably worse in reality than my shoes,  but the proper and expected thing to do to be "respectful". 

Beverage deliverymen who use the inter-building pathways to access vending machines directly (some schools have a couple hundred meters of it that connects many buildings, so there are vending machines along the path)  - they bypass all the ceremony leave their outside shoes next to the (in my example) tile walkway or the door I'm trying to label, and complete the restocking job in socks, as that is their compromise to do the job ASAP, but still show their respect for the "inside".

It is about the shoes somewhat, - but its brought about because you are properly "entering" and showing respect for the "inside" of the location - and that "showing respect for the inside" is the whole point - the shoes bit is a result of the "showing respect" goal. 

I hope that helps a bit. 


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