[Tagging] How to tag a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (US:DMV)

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Mon Jun 8 16:33:26 UTC 2015

>> Or amenity=licensing, driver=yes, vehicle=yes.
>> This could then expand for other things requiring a license, shotgun=yes?

Which I'm not sure is so great as it could expand endlessly. And there 
is also stuff like motorsport licenses etc.

> I typically use office=government for this sort of thing. In Ontario
> there is "ServiceOntario" which is an office for renewing driver's
> licenses, health cards and other things in Ontario.

Government can just be anything, so I wouldn't put everything in there 
if it is something that is a very speficic agency in many countries, 
especially if it's something many people will be looking for. Also seems 
interesting to foreigners where it also helps when you have a special tag.

I mean I guess it's fine in Canada when this agency offers a lot of 
different services.

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