[Tagging] How to tag a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (US:DMV)

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Tue Jun 9 23:45:38 UTC 2015

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> On Jun 10, 2015, at 12:15 AM, phil at trigpoint.me.uk wrote:
>> On Tue Jun 9 16:06:40 2015 GMT+0100, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> 2015-06-09 14:37 GMT+02:00 Paul Johnson <baloo at ursamundi.org>:
>>> How would you tag a shop that sells tax stamps and licenses, but is not a
>>> government office, and does not provide other services?  The Oklahoma Tax
>>> Commission uses such a system throughout the state (authorized "tag
>>> agents") to save people the hassle of having to drive down to their office
>>> on the capitol mall in Oklahoma City.
>> In Italy you can buy tax stamps at the tobacco shop.
>> Your case can be a shop=tax_stamps_and_licenses? How do people call it?
> Is a tax stamp some sort of vehicle tax?

I imagine it is either the governmental revenue stamp, or the seal that goes on the car itself. 

In CA, you need to go to the DMV for the tags (if not by mail) and pay with money. I guess i have seen storefronts that do it too...

In Japan, almost any government "service" - or some kind of fee for a service performed (license renewal, visa application, etc) are paid for by buying stamps, (sometimes for large amounts) and then sticking them on the application for the service in the right place. 

This separates the people handling the forms from the people handling money. 

Usually most government offices (city halls, regional capitals) have a convenience store inside that sells food for lunch and these stamps. 

But....  The *office* that *administrates* the program is not the store, nor the "authorized agents" in Oklahoma - it is some office or building in a government facility. 

Im interested in mapping government and civic agency buildings that run (administer) public programs.

If a shop sells vehicle tags, great - lets set up a vending item or something - but they do not (AFAIK) administer the program. If you have a paperwork problem or a grievance, i bet you have to go to the main office. 

I had to have my car smog checked in California at a smog check shop (~$50), and I have to have my Japanese car inspected and have mandatory service at a local shop every two years ($800USD) - but these people are not where the program is administered - just as a place that sells hot dogs is not a hot dog factory.   

This is the difference between mapping the amenity and mapping the buildings. 

I want to map the hot dog factory. You guys are talking about mapping all the places to buy hot dogs. 

Perhaps we need both ^_^


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