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> They also tend to be less useful features because it's easier to look up for a restroom sign than use a device.
> Agreed for restrooms.
> For charging stations,

>  "International Transit Lounge”

> status of your flight

AFAIK, this is about mapping the different named areas of the *terminal* - AKA how do people refer to the areas of the terminal itself. 

is it domestic? International? in the “sterile” area after security check? is it arrivals, departures, or both? 

i don’t think we can map the area before or after the checkpoints yet, as indoor mapping is not finalized -  so lets skip the sterile stuff for now. 

the aeroway=gate tag isn’t for the building nor the passengers inside - it is where the nose-wheel of the plane parks - the current gate tag is for the *plane* not the passengers. we have no good way to map the people side of the airport yet - just what is there for the planes and the large visible building sections of the terminal (and pin points where amenities and shops and whatnot are) . 

A certain kind of flight may arrive with a certain kind of passengers, but is the terminal they arrive at have a specially named area of the terminal used just for this kind of passenger, beyond international and domestic? My guess is no. Because they are just going through the international arrivals section of the international terminal to immigration, and onto international baggage claim, then through customs into the public area of the airport.

For now, mapping the “domestic” and “international” labels of the terminal, as well as the “satellites” of the terminals - all of these are buildings (or very large pieces of buildings) are named on airport guide maps, and should be easily mapped as OSM is today, probably with a terminal=* subtag



these work together, as often large sections of a terminal are designated for international or domestic use (the design of modern terminals are purpose built for one or the other and not adaptable, so it is permanently designated) - if the whole terminal itself is not dedicated for a particular way.  Having a slightly darker or lighter shade of purple for the international or domestic sections can make seeing which terminals or terminal satellites serve what purpose very easy. 

After indoor mapping is finalized, then we can worry about levels being assigned to departures, arrivals, transit, security checks, private, etc,etc. 

I think those above tags are the only “zones" we can create for inside the terminal now - the zones on the apron or runway area could be mapped now, as they are not indoor areas. 


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