[Tagging] recent change to ranger_station proposal

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Maybe someone can confirm this, but I think it might actually be the difference in language from the Park Service versus Forest Service; i.e. in a National Forest you find Ranger Stations, in the Parks you find Visitor Centers?



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The tag would probably have been better expressed as amenity=park_visitor_center or amenity=park_hq.



couldn’t find those on the wiki. 


Visitor’s center is some kind of information tag, and park HQ might be some form of office. 


if it is the place for check in, the new reception_desk tag might be appropriate.  Maybe the building has the amenity=ranger_station, and there is a point dropped in the outline as to where the reception desk is. 


I assume most ranger stations are not used primarily for campers check-in, and camper check-in buildings are not always ranger stations.



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