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> Maybe someone can confirm this, but I think it might actually be the difference in language from the Park Service versus Forest Service; i.e. in a National Forest you find Ranger Stations, in the Parks you find Visitor Centers?
> =Russ
> No, the USA Forest Service uses "Ranger Station" also.
> But remember we're mapping for the world.

Don't know about Park Service, but for the Forest Service there is the "Forest Ranger" who works out of a set of offices in a near by city. The forest is divided into districts each with a "District Ranger" who's office is at the district ranger station. Members of the general public probably may never actually meet one of the rangers (forest or district). You will be interacting with recreation officers, recreation techs, fire crews, etc. The field people all wear the Forest Service uniform and are almost invariably called "rangers" by the general public even though they are not.

On the US Forest I do some volunteer work for, the local district ranger station has a number of buildings. Most obvious is one with a public information desk where you can get wood cutting permits, etc. Behind the door from the public information desk are administrative offices for the district ranger and others (fire, recreation, resource management, etc.) along with conference rooms, etc. There are other buildings around (barracks, storage buildings, repair shops, etc.) including those for a fire crew and their equipment.

From the public point of view, the information desk is the "ranger station". But that is only part of it, it is the administrative offices and base of operations for Forest Service employees working in that district.

If I recall correctly, the Forest Service will use the ranger station icon on their maps for places that have a public information desk even if they are not officially ranger stations. Not positive about that as there are none of those in the district I spend my time at.

Off topic, I know.


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