[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Reception Desk

johnw johnw at mac.com
Mon Mar 9 01:46:25 UTC 2015

> You really don't care for the tagging group much, do you?
> The way I search for a relevant tag is to use the wiki, not taginfo. I suspect many mappers do the same. Using a tag that is not on the wiki will probably mean it is not rendered.. thus I may have wasted my effort. By waving the flag for this possibly new tag, the tag gets improved by thoughtfull comments, advertised, and hopefully approved.


I only found out about taginfo from looking through the wiki. The approved tag set helped a lot when learning to tag and when tagging new features, and many key and value pages explain the tagging in a way that taginfo certainly can’t... 

Also, the presets in the renderer help a lot to discover tags, as they let you search for “real world” terms that translate into a tag or set of tags (sidewalk comes to mind). 

However, when looking for certain features searching the wiki is very confusing (they should have like a “tag key/value” search or something, or restrict to language). The details for mapping many things is in the value’s wiki page, which is hidden behind the key features, hidden behind “map features” - which obscures so many useful values. since the search is so dependent on the value, I have to know exactly what I’m searching for - it’s difficult to know the exact term OSMers prefer. 

There should be a “sitemap listing” of key/values - a single page of the keys and all the values mentioned *anywhere on the wiki* for that key - like a white pages - drilling down through the pages is often times not very useful, and “map features” can never be so inclusive. 

The other major downside to the wiki is the unmanaged graveyard of abandoned proposals. when I saw the proposals or pending proposals or something page, the list is miles long, some from 2008. it should be pruned to 6 months or 1 year, and moved to abandoned or something - otherwise I het my hopes up when searching for a feature, only to find it was suggested and effectively abandoned in 2009 - which means I don’t have much of a chance getting it approved (IMO).

Looking at taginfo lets one see what is currently in OSM, and even though there is a lot of chaff, it is is the easiest way to find the “wheat” of a tag - but that is useful for then documenting it for others to easily find and understand on the wiki. 


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