[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Haul Channel

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 05:09:40 UTC 2015

On 11/03/2015 4:06 AM, Sam Dyck wrote:
> In Canada, privately licensed frequencies, not CB are used that have 
> to be programmed into the scanner. There may or may not be repeaters, 
> but since you only need to communicate with the traffic nearby it 
> doesn't matter (there's no point in know that there is a truck moving 
> 20km up the road. The system does not excuse bad driving, nor does it 
> replace a satellite phone.
> What I assume Warin is talking about is extremely remote tracks with 
> extremely low traffic, but the roads I'm referring to are logging or 
> winter roads, which are remote, narrow and have heavy equipment moving 
> down them at times (but at other times are empty) In my part of Canada 
> such roads are open to the public and often accommodate different 
> groups of people with different vehicles (everything from tractor 
> trailers to long distance runners)

Ok.. so the tagging would be usefull for visitors to listen in to any 
transmissions (probably only the large transports using it). Using a 
scanner means they cannot transmit back. So the communication is receive 
only for the public. It would not provide emergency contact for the 
public unless a vehicle equipped with a transceiver happens along.

I don't think this is in use in Australia .. 'we' tend to use the CB 
radio as that allows most people to not only listen but respond also. 
The CB radios tend to be cheaper, less restrictive/costly licensing. 
They are used for local traffic details .. you don't want to be cresting 
a sand dune with on coming traffic! For remote locations, Australia has 
the 'Royal Flying Doctor Service' radio ... those can be hired (or 
purchased) and used in remote areas, they don't provide road information 
but are for emergency contact, most people are changing over to 
satellite phone for direct contact rather than through the RFDS. What 
other parts of the world do you think might use this Canadian method?

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