[Tagging] Regional stylesheets for osm-carto (Was: rendering of local power lines)

SomeoneElse lists at atownsend.org.uk
Thu Mar 12 21:34:38 UTC 2015

On 12/03/2015 21:11, John Willis wrote:
>> On Mar 12, 2015, at 6:56 PM, SomeoneElse <lists at atownsend.org.uk> wrote:
>> The "standard" map has an impossible job - trying to be "a nice map"
> This is true, and thanks for linking to the resources to set up the server for a special version.
> However, what I would like to see implemented, I think, is not impossible.

I'd therefore suggest that you do exactly that!  The current OSM 
stylesheet didn't just magic itself into existance - someone sweated 
blood to get the "carto" style to match the look of the preceding 
godawful-to-maintain "osm.xml" stylesheet, something that people (myself 
included) sometimes forget.

However, now that it exists it's FAR more customisable than what went 
before.  It's much easier to now say "I think X feature should be Y 
colour" (or Z width, or whatever) and to show a screenshot of a small 
area with that in place.

That tends to be how things in OSM happen - someone says "hey, let's do 
it this way - here's an example of something that I've done that's not 
quite finished, but shows what can be done".

> ...
> If I was a coder, rather than an old Mac Tech now teacher, I would love to learn the code, however I'm dependent on others in the community to create the code for such a system.

Would/did you ever say to your students "you'll never be able to do 
that"?   I'd be very surprised if you did...



(and apologies for the offtopic rant)

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