[Tagging] Tagging established, unofficial and wild campings

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Fri Mar 13 17:34:58 UTC 2015

Two issues I think the proposal should address:

1) Use separate tagging for a place you can park a caravan or car overnight
(as per your example),
compared to a place you can pitch a tent without getting hassled.  They
really are not the same thing.

2) Tagging large areas.  For example default rules exist in the USA on land
of the US Forest Service (USFS) land, or Bureau of Lumber and Mining
(BLM).  Camping is generally allowed anywhere it's not specifically
prohibited.  Yet within those areas   are established informal campsites.
It's not clear if OSM should tag these large areas with a camping tag, or
inform the prospective camper of who owns the land.

Regulations change from time to time, so it's perhaps best to refer the
reader to the official source: the website of the owner, land agency, or

OSM here is acting a bit like old "hobo chalk marks", where transients
would leave coded symbols to each other about places they found food or
shelter.  It exists outside the official realm.  Readers of a map however
should be clear which camp sites are "permissive" (e.g. you might get away
with it) and which ones are "official" (a rule says it's OK to do).
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