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Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 05:49:46 UTC 2015

On 16/03/2015 2:27 PM, johnw wrote:
>   These obvious receptions are not crucial to be mapped, but receptions in business parks, large office complexes, individual companies’ large business campuses, etc  are important, and this is what it is for.
> (I think)
> Javbw

Obvious things are not critical to be mapped. ? Umm well .. I'd not put it that way ...

My reason for the proposal was that I saw it as part of another proposal (extension to camp_sites) and realised that it had a much broader use ..
One place I know of has one reception .. and it is a long way from the 'front gate' say 600 m and you pass quite a few buildings to get to it.
So indicating the reception is very beneficial there. So 'we' agree that the 'difficult' case is the one that needs mapping.

---------------- Off topic...

My thinking on mapping 'obvious things' .. they may be obvious to you or a local or some one on the spot.. less so for a visitor or someone just looking at a map.
Thus a place that is a park .. if it has a bbq and water and shelter and a picnic table ..
while all those may be obvious when your there .. if you are a visitor looking for a quite spot to have lunch .. that park with the added features becomes tempting.

So it becomes a judgement call as to mapping something .. like the size of cobblestones. Not something I'd map.
I'd not map a reception desk either unless it is somewhere unexpected, hard to find ... or?
There is always something I've not though of .. the exception that makes life interesting.
And that is why I like tags that are not too restrictive as they can be applied to that unexpected situation.

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