[Tagging] relation type for raceways

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Tue Mar 17 00:04:41 UTC 2015

as i go forward mapping raceways in north america, one of the
issues is modeling multi configuration courses such as Watkins
Glen and Lime Rock.

one solution is to use route relations, and add a new
route type,


in this model, i would use forward and backward roles where
necessary. right now the best example of this i have is of
my model of the Thompson road courses over the years at
Thompson Speedway in Connecticut, which is in OHM. some
sections of the raceway were used in different directions in
different variations of the course, hence the need for
forward & backward.

also, it would be useful to have ref tags or some equivalent
id tag on the relations to facilitate querying, e.g. WGI1 for
the first Glen circuit, WGI2 for the second, and perhaps suffixes
for the multiple configurations of WGI4 (WGI4.Short, WGI4.Long,
WGI4.Short.InnerLoop, WGI4.Long.InnerLoop or something like

this isn't really a formal proposal right now, i'm just looking for
input/suggestions on how to approach this, and to see if anyone
has thought about this and maybe has better ideas.


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