[Tagging] Tagging earthquake vulnerabilities of buildings: Developing world

Michael Patrick geodesy99 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 07:17:41 UTC 2015

> Near Kathmandu, there's a series of tags relating to surveys of quake
> status of buildings. Would someone be interested in helping working out a
> proper tag scheme, and proposing it to whatever groups are doing this data
> collection?
> The intent is great, the execution... um...

The execution is in alignment with their intent.

Their scheme actually appears to be a localized and even more simplified
subset of ISO 28841:2013 "Guidelines for simplified seismic assessment and
rehabilitation of concrete buildings": ( ... The rules of design as set
forth in ISO 28841:2013 are simplifications of more elaborate requirements.
... can be used as an alternative to the development of a building code, or
equivalent document in countries where no national design codes are
available by themselves, ), or something similar.

Their tagging system is derived from the cumulative efforts of thousands of
specialists ( seismologists, structural engineers, architects, etc.) over
decades with consultations of forensic experts with relief teams, created
by obviously people knowledgeable of local conditions and needs. In
combination with information not is OSM ( like the severity and location of
an actual event ), it would have great utility for triage and
prioritization of rescue and relief efforts. Or non-emergency upgrade

It looks long because of the manner of presentation and the duplications
caused by case insensitivity. In practice through an interface, it probably
isn't all that daunting to someone doing rapid field collection.

If there is a desire for OSM to grow by embracing communities of use, those
communities are going to arrive with their own ontologies and
classifications, and I doubt ('know') they are going sacrifice what they
regard as essential. And these groups will tend be a 'keystone community'
in an particular locality, and cause a lot of the other regular OSM
geometry in an area to be created and maintained, and their local
partnerships will create additional efforts and mappers.

IMHO, as long as they are operating in their area, I'd leave them alone and
see how it evolves. If it really is to complicated, they will soon figure
it out themselves. Most I'd do is ask them to put up a wikipage explaining
the intent and application.

Michael Patrick
Seattle OSM
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