[Tagging] Regional stylesheets for osm-carto (Was: rendering of local power lines)

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Tue Mar 17 13:11:44 UTC 2015

> On Mar 17, 2015, at 4:55 PM, Paul Johnson <baloo at ursamundi.org> wrote:

> That said, I wonder what Andy's opposition to rendering the colour tag on the Transport layer is... 
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Yes - there is a big difference between allowing different colored style sheets in each country and making OSM/carto devise a way to handle the color tag for railways and certain roads (maybe part of the line or casing is colored or something) and handling regional iconography for common places. 

This would be beneficial to all countries, especially of we want the maps to be used by the people who live there - we already argue that the local language should be used, even in places like Japan where almost all signs on the road [several million local road  signs] are in both English and Japanese, so why shouldn't we use the iconography and basic color choices for major transportation features either? Isn't that the "local language" of the map?

We handle languages, iconography and way color should be the same. 

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