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Dear all,

I think we deviated from the original question quite a bit. The point was that the current number of votes proposed in the wiki for accepted/rejected decision was self-contradicting. Even if there may be different opinions on that, the very discussion shows that the situation is not clear.

I propose to clarify it by changing the recommended number of votes in https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features#Approved_or_rejected

from "...8 unanimous approval votes or 15 total votes with a majority approval..."

to "...8 or more unanimous approval votes or 10 or more total votes with more than 74 % approval...".

This will not change anything in terms of the ongoing discussion of how the approval influences other things. So the discussion can continue. But we'd introduce some mathematical logic in the process.

I don't think there is a procedure to vote on such proposals, so please just give it +1 here if you agree. We change it when we have 8+ "plus ones" if there are no significant objections to this change. Once again, please note: we are not discussing the consequences of approval/rejection, we just change the rule of thumb recommendation to a mathematically more sound one.


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note (not rendered .. for use by mappers to make notes to other mappers ? thus not required to be rendered?)
Visible in a popup in geschichtskarten for historical items.

But you were talking about all renderers I thought. Now you seem happy that there is 1 renderer showing the feature/data ? 

I'm still convinced that features that people want to map will be mapped, regardless of the state of the tagging proposal.


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