[Tagging] [Talk-us] Wählen / Voting - Sanitary Dump Station

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Tue Mar 17 22:43:46 UTC 2015

> I meant geographically too vague, as we're talking about navigating
> something in roughly the same dimensions, weight and steering dynamics as a
> PSV or a HGV in many cases.  It's way faster, safer and easier to plan it
> so you can reach it going forward than it is having to back up for it,
> after all.

If the campground is mapped as a node plus a website, and the website says
there is a dump station,
it's reasonable to add sanitary_dump_station=yes.  You'll stop at the
office to pay, and get directions to the actual dump
station.  Then map it on your mobile phone :-).
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