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Jan van Bekkum jan.vanbekkum at gmail.com
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Good idea to have such a tag, should include diesel for cars, kerosine for
heating and propane/butane for cooking that are sold in the same way. I
Kenya we have been in areas far away from regular filling stations; there
people are selling diesel from drums.

I think shop=fuel is dangerous as it is too close to amenity=fuel (which in
my opinion should be shop=fuel). There are more discussions about things
tagged as amenity or shop (see for example the discussion about

On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 10:20 AM Dave Swarthout <daveswarthout at gmail.com>

> I want to float an idea to get your reactions. Here in Thailand, and
> especially in rural areas, there are hundreds of shops that sell motor fuel
> in small quantities. Most of the population drive motorbikes which are used
> for every sort of transport imaginable. They have a tiny petrol tank,
> perhaps 4-5 liters, therefore a short range; they need frequent fill-ups.
> To meet this need local individuals have set up small sheds or kiosks from
> which they hand pump the small quantities needed. Some shops sell fuel by
> the liter bottle, often a whiskey bottle. Such shops are poorly marked,
> seldom have any signs indicating their presence and typically offer no
> other services. If you live in the area you will know where the fuel shop
> is, otherwise they're almost invisible
> At any rate, we're looking for a way to tag these fuel shops in such a way
> that they become visible in OSM (and on our GPS units), and will not be
> mistaken for a full size fuel service station. Current tagging practice is
> to tag them with amenity=fuel and a made up name, for example, Bike petrol
> or Drummed fuel. The people doing this are aware of the fact that such
> tagging isn't strictly correct, but they understandably want to be able to
> find those shops should they run out of fuel. One problem with this
> Thailand-centric approach, is that other data consumers are unaware of it.
> Another is that the informal names are multiplying rapidly and one mapper's
> drummed fuel is another's barreled fuel and another's Bike petrol. Where it
> will end is anyone's guess.
> I'm suggesting an addition to the values of the shop key: shop=fuel or
> perhaps shop=motor_fuel
> My goal is to standardize the tagging so that at some point these shops
> can be eventually rendered on Garmin compatible downloaded maps and hence
> made visible. I have done this for my custom Garmin maps and find it a real
> asset.
> Here is a photo of such a shop in my neighborhood:
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ABarreled_fuel_shop.jpg
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