[Tagging] Wiki 2.0 Proposal: Unregulated voting : But you must convince another mapper to finalize changes

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Fri Mar 20 04:45:11 UTC 2015

On Fri, 2015-03-20 at 15:26 +1100, Warin wrote:

>> if stinker proposals are promoted to Active, with lots of negative

> How is it determined that it is a majority view? Vote? .. back to
> square one.

Possibly, but probably not in most cases. I doubt too many people on
this list would be dishonest in getting a proposal up. After all, its
would be easy now, anyone unaware of how easy it would be to make, say,
8 extra wiki accounts ?

Get a bad proposal up via trickery, its still a bad proposal, it won't
get used if its that bad. If its only a bit bad, and does get use, then
its the use that matters, isn't it ?

And addressing your concern about forming groups trading approvals. Same
answer. While we are looking for documentable process, it always has to
be open and transparent too. And dependant on the good will of the OSM


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