[Tagging] Proposal : Move "smoking" tag to active status

Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Sat Mar 21 08:32:40 UTC 2015


Am 2015-03-21 um 02:29 schrieb Bryce Nesbitt:
> Additions to that page, I'd think, should be proposed separately.
> -
> The utility undergrounding RFC proposes tagging for a similar "regional
> default value".
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Quickly_Marking_Utility_Wires
> Eventually the tools will catch up :-)
> But that case is simpler.  Smoking rules depend on the area AND the
> establishment type:
>   smoking_default:yes=restaurant;cafe
>   smoking_default:unknown=bar
> And the legal definition of the restriction may not mach OSM's definition
> (e.g. smoking
> maybe allowed in certain bars owned by people who donate money to a
> particular party ;-).

There are several reasons why I do not like tagging smoking rules on
boundary relations.

(1) It is difficult to map smoking restrictions in
restaurants/bars/cafes to OSM tags. By default, smoking in all German
states is prohibited but there are exceptions. Let's have a look at the
exceptions in the State of Baden-Württemberg (south-west Germany):

1. Smoking is banned in all restaurants, pubs, cafes, discothèques.
2. Smoking is allowed at pubs if they are smaller than 75 m², do not
serve hot meals and must not be entered by people below the age of 18 years.
3. Smoking is allowed at separated rooms at discothèques if these
separated smoking rooms do not have a dance floor and the whole
discothèques must not be entered by people below the age of 18 years.

How would you now tag the boundary relation of Baden-Württemberg? Please
note that a small pub (60 m²) does not have to allow smoking, i.e. you
cannot tag defaults which are valid for all pubs. It is better not tag
any default values in such states and to wait until a mapper visits the
restaurant/pub and add the tags.

(2) Such bans on smoking often extend on other locations, e.g. stations
[1], public transport vehicles, public buildings, … How many tags do you
want to add to boundary relations.

(3) Boundary relations easily and often break, i.e. smoking rule data at
OSM can often not be used if the boundary of a city/state/country is broken.

(4) OSM data should be easily to use. Why should we force our data users
to use boundaries if they just want to create a OpenCigaretteMap?

(5) OSM data should be easy to contribute. Please keep the
on-the-ground-rule in mind.

Best regards

(not and never smoking)

[1] How to handle small areas on platforms where smoking is allowed?
(you can find these yellow marked smoking areas at all major German
stations above ground.

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